Gerd Grimm was born in Karlsruhe Germany. His father was an engineer, his mother was a housewife and he remained an only child.
In the upper secondary school, participation in voluntary drawing lessons.


Visit to the Badische Landeskunstschule, Karlsruhe. Pupil of the professors Wilhelm Schnarrenberger (graphic designer and illustrator) and Karl Hubbuch (painter).


School of Applied Arts Nuremberg

since 1932

Master student at the United State Schools of Fine and Applied Arts in Berlin with the leading commercial artist O. H. W. Hadank.

around 1935

Successful entry into an existence as an illustrator. First commissioned work for various journal and book publishers.


Longer travels to Paris and London with his future wife Hildegarde van Gülick. The journeys helped the son of a Jewish mother to escape the increasingly difficult conditions in Germany.


Conscription for military service.


Grimm is released from the Wehrmacht as a "Half-Jew". He succeeds in retaining the Wehrmacht passport and thus he can move relatively untroubled.


Weekly trips between Berlin and Freiburg, the residence of his parents.


He marries his partner Hildegarde van Gülick, a fashion designer. Relocation from Berlin to Freiburg. Orders for advertising and illustration. Numerous cover pictures and illustrations for the magazine Die Frau.


Longer stay in New York. Illustrations for New York journals. After about half a year return to Freiburg.


Birth of the son who is born handicapped. Hilde van Gülick gives up drawing for the most part and takes care of his son.


Fashion illustration. Book covers for Fischer Verlag and Bürger's paperbacks.


Concept and illustration of the advertising campaign for the cigarette brand Reval of the Badische Tabakmanufaktur in Lahr.

around 1960

Grimm begins with annual, wide and extensive journeys on which he draws regularly.


The first Faller calendar is published: The folding box manufacturer Faller from Waldkirch commissions Grimm to produce a tear-off calendar with six sheets each until his death. The motifs are usually young women who become very popular as "Grimm's Girls" (Grimms Mädchen).


Book covers mainly for the Deutscher Bücherbund and Fischer Verlag.


The last large serie of fashion drawings on ski wear is created.

after 1970

Grimm is concentrating more and more on presenting young models in fashionable but everyday clothes. The drawings based on the living model are used for both his reval campaign and the Faller calendars.


Gerd Grimm dies in Freiburg.


The last Faller Calendar with "Grimms Mädchen" (Grimm's Girls) appears.t

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