Nude drawings

One of the graphic artist's basic skills is nude drawing, which has already been taught at every art academy. It is obvious that Gerd Grimm, as the fashion draughtsman in Germany, has repeatedly dealt with the unclothed female body as an aesthetic form, especially since he has already worked with corresponding models in other contexts such as fashion graphics or reval commissions anyway. In his nude drawings, Grimm also frequently looked for the unusual perspective in order to work out surprising facets of the respective model, choosing provocative colour contrasts or emphasising the lightness and lucidity of a female body with a minimum of charcoal strokes.
Gerd Grimm, Akt Nr. 2
Akt Nr. 2

Gerd Grimm, Akt Nr. 4
Akt Nr. 4

Gerd Grimm, SAkt Nr. 6
Akt Nr. 6

Gerd Grimm, Akt Nr. 8
Akt Nr. 8

Gerd Grimm, Akt Nr. 10
Akt Nr. 10

Gerd Grimm, Akt Nr. 12
Akt Nr. 12

Gerd Grimm, Akt Nr. 14
Akt Nr. 14

Gerd Grimm, Akt Nr. 16
Akt Nr. 16

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