The more the pure fashion drawing stepped into the background in his graphic work from 1960 onwards, the more Gerd Grimm turned to the theme of "Girls". After supplying six portraits of young women as motifs for a calendar to the Waldkirch folding box manufacturer for the first time in 1959, the demand for such graphic sheets increased rapidly in the following years. "Grimm's girls" (Grimms Mädchen) soon became his trademark and gained him a legendary reputation among experts.

At the age of eighty he drew girls so that Gerd Grimm, whose portraits of girls make up by far the lion's share of his artistic work, could almost be described as the graphic artist of the "Fräuleinwunder". His models were always amateurs (mostly students from the University of Freiburg or the Pädagogische Hochschule) because Grimm appreciated their uneducated way of giving and moving, which he could not find in trained models any more. Again and again Grimm experimented with unusual perspectives in his portraits, e. g. with an oversized hand at the lower edge of the picture or in a mirror situation. He was also particularly attracted by pair constellations, because the different characters created a special dramaturgical tension that required appropriate aesthetic implementations and solutions.
Gerd Grimm, Zwei Mädchen
Zwei Mädchen

Gerd Grimm, Mädchen mit Ring
Mädchen mit grünem Ring

Gerd Grimm, Mädchen

Gerd Grimm, Mädchen auf Rot
Mädchen auf Rot

Gerd Grimm, Mädchen vor Spiegel
Mädchen vor Spiegel 2

Gerd Grimm, Zwei Mädchen
Zwei Mädchen

Gerd Grimm, Mädchen

Gerd Grimm, Damengesicht 1947
Damengesicht 1947

Gerd Grimm, Mädchen mit roter Jeans
Mädchen mit roter Jeans

Gerd Grimm, Liegendes Mädchen
Liegendes Mädchen

Gerd Grimm, Mädchen 4
Mädchen 4

Gerd Grimm, Mädchen 6
Mädchen 6

Gerd Grimm, Mädchen 8
Mädchen 8

Gerd Grimm, Mädchen 10
Mädchen 10

Gerd Grimm, Mädchen 12
Mädchen 12

Gerd Grimm, Mädchen auf Blau
Mädchen auf Blau

Gerd Grimm, Mädchen in schwarzem Mantel
Mädchen in schwarzem Mantel

Gerd Grimm, Mädchen mit großem Hut
Mädchen mit großem Hut

Gerd Grimm, Mädchen mit Schal in Karo
Mädchen mit Schal in Karo

Gerd Grimm, Mädchen mit schwarzem Pulli
Mädchen mit schwarzem Pulli

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