Gerd Grimm worked obsessively: In his Freiburg studio he drew continuously, usually ten hours a day. In order to stay "fit" and keep his dash, he often kept the television on during his commissioned work for the Reval brand. He preferred to watch political discussions or cultural programmes. On hundreds of pages he portrayed the discussion participants, so that between 1975 and 1995 there was hardly any German politician or writer whose portrait he would not have thrown on paper with a few strokes.

Many of these portrait sketches have been lost, because Grimm did not give them any meaning and again and again sent whole shots of them into the fire to light his tiled stove. What was left over from his sketches can rightly be called caricature, because it works out and hits on the significant character traits of the respective person precisely and always in a slightly ironic refraction.
Gerd Grimm, Friedrich Dürrenmatt 1979
Friedrich Dürrenmatt 1979

Gerd Grimm, Günter Grass 1990
Günter Grass 2 1990

Gerd Grimm, Marion Gräfin Dönhoff 1974
Marion Gräfin Dönhoff 1974

Gerd Grimm, Salvador Dali
Salvador Dali

Gerd Grimm, Werner Herzog 1982
Werner Herzog 1982

Gerd Grimm, Bangemann 1987
Bangemann 1987

Gerd Grimm, Ernst Fuchs 1985
Ernst Fuchs 1985

Gerd Grimm, Golda Meir 1973
Golda Meir 1973

Gerd Grimm, Grünwald 1984
Grünwald 1984

Gerd Grimm, Hap Grieshaber 1979
Hap Grieshaber 1979

Gerd Grimm, Henry Miller 1980
Henry Miller 1980

Gerd Grimm, Kennedy Brüder 1980
Kennedy Brüder 1980

Gerd Grimm, Kurt Stoltenberg 1970
Kurt Stoltenberg 1970

Gerd Grimm, Maholny Lasky 1979
Maholny Lasky 1979

Gerd Grimm, Moshe Dayan 1971
Moshe Dayan 1971

Gerd Grimm, Peter Glotz 1982
Peter Glotz 1982

Gerd Grimm, Sandro Pertini 1979
Sandro Pertini 1979

Gerd Grimm, Werner Mitscherlich 1979
Werner Mitscherlich 1979

Gerd Grimm, Wolfgang Wischnewski 1981
Wolfgang Wischnewski 1981

Gerd Grimm, Eric Ambler 1980
Eric Ambler 1980

Gerd Grimm, Helmut Schmidt 1980
Helmut Schmidt 1980

Gerd Grimm, Stefan Heym 1979
Stefan Heym 1979

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