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Between 1950 and 1970, Gerd Grimm was one of the most sought-after illustrators and cover art designers in the Federal Republic of Germany - both in the market for women's magazines and in the pocket book market that was just emerging. For example, he was the main illustrator for the now unfortunately forgotten, very ambitious series of Bürger's paperbacks (1950-1953), which was later transferred to the Darmstadt publishing house "Das goldene Vlies" (see Patrick Roessler: From the pocket to the hand. Reception and conception of literary mass press: Paperbacks in Germany 1946-1963, Karlsruhe 1997). To reduce Grimm's talent and to hit the characteristic with a few strokes was especially challenging here, as these cover pictures only had two spot colors. By contrast, his motifs for the Fischer-Taschenbuch-Verlag are much more opulent. Grimm also created cover pictures for the German Book Federation and Bertelsmann Verlag. His erotic illustrations to three novellas from Boccaccio's Decamerone in the duo book series of the Bernese Scherz-Verlag (1953) are a small piece of jewellery.
Gerd Grimm, Die Frau (2)
Die Frau (2)

Gerd Grimm, Casanovas Heimfahrt
Casanovas Heimfahrt

Gerd Grimm, Die Brücke von San Luis Rey
Die Brücke von San Luis Rey

Gerd Grimm, GOYA

Gerd Grimm, Monografie des Plakats
Monografie des Plakats

Gerd Grimm, Esquire Journal 1958
Esquire Journal, 1958

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